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4 Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump

4 Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump

We know that weather in British Columbia is starkly different in the winter and summer. Our homes need to be able to handle the changes throughout the seasons, and our comfort shouldn’t be sacrificed.

A heat pump is the perfect solution to both heat and cool your home throughout the year. We have four advantages that will make you consider making the investment.

#1 Comfort: All Year Round

A heat pump’s basic function is to take energy from one place (called the source) and move it somewhere else (called the sink).
In the summertime, your heat pump will move hot air outside of the house. In the winter, that hot air will be pulled inside (even if it’s cold). This means that all year round, your home will be a comfortable temperature!
Want to learn more about how heat pumps work? Read this article from the Government of Canada.

#2 Max Efficiency for Increased Savings

Heat pumps require homeowners to pay a high cost initially, which can scare people away from making the purchase. However, heat pumps are a smart financial investment that will save you money.
Homeowners see massive monthly savings on their heating bill after switching to a heat pump. Depending on your climate, you can expect to save anywhere between 20-70% on your annual heating and cooling costs. This is because your heat pump is more electrically efficient than other heating solutions by up to 50%. 
You can expect increased savings on your energy bills in the long run, eventually making up for the initial costs.

#3 Indoor Air Quality

The majority of heat pumps come with a filtration system that will clean the circulating air in your house. This filter will catch a lot of the pollutants in the air, including dust, pollen, and hair.
You may want to consider investing in a heat pump if you struggle with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.
Most heat pumps need to be professionally cleaned every 18 months.

#4 Better for the Climate

Modern-day heat pumps are a great way for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprints. This is because your heat pump saves up to 50% on your heating and cooling energy usage while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by significantly surpassing government efficiency standards.
If you’re investing in a modern heat pump, you can expect it to heat and cool with an environmentally-friendly refrigerant that is ozone-safe.
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