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4 Ways to Maximize Your Air Conditioner

4 Ways to Maximize Your Air Conditioner

Summer has officially arrived, and it’s time for your air conditioner to get to work! We want to share some practical tips with you to get the most out of your unit this summer.

It’s important to be smart about the way you use your air conditioning system. This will help you save dollars on utility bills and extend the life of your A/C unit.

Small changes can lead to major savings for your air conditioner.

#1 Placement Matters

A great way to make the most of your air conditioning unit is to alter your home environment!

Your outside unit is best placed in a shaded area (you can also make the space shady with dense plants or an umbrella). An A/C unit placed in the sun is more likely to overheat and will need to work twice as hard to cool your home.

You should also try to declutter the space around your indoor unit or fans. Keep it free from drapes, couches, or other bulky furniture. If your unit is confined to a small area, it might think its job is done as soon as that isolated spot is cooled down.

Pro Tip: Strategically place fans throughout your home to increase air circulation and put less strain on your A/C unit.

#2 Set Timers & Give It Time

Do you have a pre-programmable timer on your air conditioner? USE IT!
Your air conditioner will thank you for allowing it time to slowly cool down your entire home, instead of setting it to full blast when you get home. Even giving it a 30-minute ramp-up time can make a huge difference. 

#3 Time for a Summer Clean

One of the leading causes of air conditioner issues is improper maintenance. The start of warm weather is the perfect time for you to do some routine cleaning.
Here are 3 steps we recommend:

  1. Change the filter. Your air conditioner’s filter should be swapped out regularly, and likely more than once a year, but this is the perfect time to remember to change it annually.
  2. Clean out the coils. The outdoor unit of an air conditioning unit can get dirty with outdoor debris, like leaves and grass cuttings. You can spruce it up by gently rinsing it with the garden house or using your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Check the pipes. If your air conditioner’s drain line is blocked, it’ll cause some serious problems. Luckily, drainpipes are super easy to clean with a little bit of distilled vinegar.

#4 Find the Right Temperature

The best way to optimize your air conditioner is to find the right temperature. You might be tempted to make your home as cool as possible but play around and find the highest temperature where you are most comfortable.

Pro Tip: An ideal temperature for your home is 20°C. If you’re out of the house for most of the day this summer, it might be worth it to let that temperature creep up a little.

There’s still time to install an air conditioner! Contact American Standard today.