AccuComfort™ Platinum 19 Low Profile Heat Pump

This unit is designed to operate at outdoor ambient temperatures from 55° F to 120° F in cooling. From —10° F to 66° F in heating. Only AHRI approved indoor matches are approved for use with these models.

  • Painted with glossy corrosion resistance finish on all panels
  • System controls include fan,high and low pressure switches
  • Noise enclosure minimize sound levels
  • Low airflow resistance & efficient heat transfer
  • Built-in freeze protection

AccuComfort™ Platinum 19 Highlights & Features

  • Tonnages: 2, 3, 4 & 5 (field configurable)
  • Compressor: DC inverter rotary/variable speed
  • Blower motor: Multi-speed
  • Heating Capacity: 24, 000-54,000 Btu/h
  • Cooling Capacity: 24, 000-54,000 Btu/h
  • Cooling Temperature Range: -15°C to 54°C
  • Heating Temperature Range: -30°C to 24°C
  • Refrigerant: Eco-friendly R410A
  • Coil Type: Copper/aluminum
  • Sound Levels: As low as 45dB
  • Outdoor Unit Discharge: Horizontal
  • Registered Warranty: 10-year parts and compressor
  • Easy Installation

Quietest Heat Pump

The rain is louder than this heat pump. Designed specifically for British Columbia’s climate.